What Is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is a practice utilizing 2 way intuitive communication. The animal communicator gathers information/questions from the animal’s person and then proceeds to ask the animal questions using telepathy. It can be done remotely from wherever I am to your animal anywhere in the world with absolutely no problem. With telepathy time and space do not matter. Animal communication looks at the big picture taking into account mental, emotional, general health, and social factors in the animal’s life.

The only information required to do a reading is the name, age and physical description or photograph of the animal. In addition, I do require a list of what topics we will be speaking with your animal about. This is so that I can set my intention to receive the information in the most clear and helpful way. I have compiled a general list of basic questions and the types of questions that I am asked to speak to animal about. Once the I have your information, I can begin a reading by introducing myself and having a 2 way conversation with your animal. On average about five to ten questions are asked in an interview.

I am able to connect and speak with your animals that are here, as well as your animals that have crossed over. When speaking to an animal that has crossed, you will be able to gain understanding, and possibly obtain whatever information your soul is in need of to get to the business of healing. Information is exchanged between your animal and myself , and unlike with human speech, many people can talk intuitively to the same animal at the same time without any worry about noise or interference. Information is sent via one of five modes: hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling, and tasting. These modes parallel our five senses but are like shadows of those senses.[1] For example, a visual transfer of information for an animal communicator may manifest as movie playing out. Animals are visual and many of their thoughts are in pictures.