Client Testimonials

heart gratitude


“Loved working with Tracey. She was magnificent. She went beyond my expectations in helping my animals and even helped with other family members! Amazing! I highly recommend her service. Blown away!”

Ashley and Diesel

“I reached out to Tracy during one of the hardest times of my life, when my dog Diesel was sick with liver cancer. My dog was my child and loosing him was gut wrenching. She worked with my husband and I throughout the last months of his life. She helped us understand the process of loosing an animal, which was gut wrenching. She is amazing with her ability to connect with animals, and she is a great healer.

We love her and will be working with her in the future!

With Love, Ashley and Diesel”

Heather & Bugs  Darien, CT

“I came to Tracy following the loss of my best friend, Bugs. It was and still am going thru a really tough time dealing with the loss of such a precious guy as he and I had a strong bond/connection with each other. Bugs was an amazing companion to me and to my family so I felt desperate to get  answers on his life, passing  and wanted to make sure he was at peace. Tracy walked me thru the highlights of his life and pinpointed things about him that I didn’t know. As a family we were anxious to hear about his previous life and had felt that he had a tough time prior to coming to ud—she was able to discuss his past with ease and it gave us a better understanding of what he had gone thru. I was particularly concerned with his overall well-being and happiness…

Tracy was able to point out things that he loved and those were things that were private to me and to my family that she had no way of knowing. Tracy was also able to walk me thru the end of his life and what she believed to be going on with him—as I read thru my notes from the surgeon in reflection I found them to be amazingly on point with her thoughts. Tracy helped me and my family deal with the end of his life and gave me comfort in knowing that he was ok with it and gave me the feeling that I still have his soul with me. Bugs was an extremely important part of my/our lives and we as a family are still struggling with his loss, but my reading with her helped to ease some of the pain. I found her to be warm, open and we actually got into a personal conversation following. I never had the feeling she was rushing me off the phone, I felt that she was genuinely enjoying the conversation with me. She also is really dedicated to what she does and has a real gift. I would recommend a reading to anyone seeking assistance with a pet still living or deceased. I truly thank her for her help!!”

Aaron & Elizabeth Keeler – Chicago, IL

“What an amazing soul! We had 5 separate animal communication sessions with Tracy just as our cat was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. She helped bring us through the process with Chloe all the way to the end of her life. She has enriched our love for Chloe, and answered so many questions. We knew exactly when the time was right to help her spirit leave. Since then, we have communicated with Chloe twice, it’s nice to know where she is and hear about how very much she still loves us! Many thanks Tracy.”

Dawn Rothwell- Sammy – Miami, FL

“If you are grieving the loss of your animal, please, do yourself a favor and work with Tracy. She is very warm and easy to talk to. She has a direct connect to animals in spirit. I am sure of that, otherwise she would not have been able to share with me things about my dog Sammy. I miss him dearly, and my heart started healing immediately after our session with her. She was even able to tell me what illness he had, and I have never shared that with anyone. I honestly feel like she cared and that was nice!”

Amy & Kevin Maxwell – Syracuse, NY

“Tracy did an animal communication session with our 6year old dog Oreo. With her communication sessions, she also does a medical scan. What we learned has helped us in so many ways. Oreo was having what we thought were digestion issues. His medical scan revealed widespread inflammation, especially in his kidneys and joints. She shared with us that it was his food that was the problem. She suggested some alternatives for food, and other ideas to help with inflammation and ever since, our guy has never looked and acted healthier. He just had yet another check-up with his vet, and this time all of his bloodwork came back well within normal ranges! It is interesting how she combines the meta-physical with the practical. We will be working with her again!”

Carol Knight – Seattle, WA

“Thanks to Tracy for the unbelievable results achieved from a healing session with my dog, Alvin. Alvin was aggressive and barked, lunged and even bit at all other dogs and people. It had gotten to the point that I was uncomfortable and afraid to even take him on walks. It is truly a miracle to me the change in his behavior after one session with Tracy. She changed immediately. She is totally calm now when we are out walking and we have had “friend” cats, dogs, squirrels, adults, children on bikes, etc. go by right in front of us and Allvin remains calm!! I truly feel that this difference has saved my dog from a life of fear and frustration and an increasingly smaller world.”

Jennifer Holtz – Houston, TX

“My animal communication session with Tracy was incredible… She knew such specific things about my both of my animals and passed along information that has helped me in my healing process. She also gave some unexpected information that has really opened my mind and helped me in many ways. AI don’t know how she does it, but she really picks up the different personalities in each animal. Also, she gave me practical advice to deal with my animal that is still with me. We all love
her! Thanks for an excellent reading Tracy”

Peyton Dalton- Garett – Santa Monica, CA

“Our dog Garrett, passed away last month and I have been having a very hard time with losing him. I had an Animal Communication session with Tracy and boy did she deliver comforting information!  She gave me a giant push in my healing process by sharing with me specific information that was only known by myself and my boy, Garrett. I had messages from my boy, thank you for delivering them Tracy! I will be working with you again!”

Christopher- Emas – Flagstaff, Arizona

“Tracy has a true gift of speaking with animals. She immediately connected with my 7 month old puppy Ema. I knew as she was communicating to me that it was actually Ema using Tracy as the medium/Communicator. Her description and the specific
words fit the personality and character of Ema. She was able to do all of this without ever seeing Ema in person, a sure sign of special gifts. A few weeks after my initial session Tracy was even able to accurately diagnose an ailment that completely perplexed the vet. I’ve already recommended Tracy to several friends and encourage you to speak with her.”

Tiffany Powers  – Austin, Texas

“Tracy is a very talented intuitive and healer. She can instantly connect with your pets and help you to understand what is going on with them. She comes up with practical solutions when pets are having issues. She also has a very holistic approach. I really appreciate her work and how she is always continuing her education to learn more about her gifts. She is naturally talented and gifted. She is one of the most compassionate animal communicators and healers that I know.”

Michelle/Riley, Ohio

“I contacted Tracy because I lost my 13 year old King Charles Spaniel Riley. He crossed over almost 1 year ago, but my grief and not understanding how to process those emotions, coupled with the feeling of loss has kept me stuck in a very difficult mental state. I would say that grief over loosing Riley stopped my life right in it’s tracks. It was debilitating.

Tracy was able to connect with Riley instantly and she was spot on with what she told me about him. There would be no way to know what she told me without actually connecting to him.

Her intention for me was to provide me with answers as to what happened around Riley’s passing, and to ease my grief, and allow me to move forward in life. During her reading, I went from crying to laughing to crying! I just can not thank her enough for an amazing reading/ healing. The whole experience was just amazing!

To be honest, words can not express how grateful for her providing me with understanding, and removing the very blocks that kept me from healing.
From the very bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Maya, Seattle

“Thank you Tracy for understanding my uncontrollable fear, sadness, wonder and pain after my cat passed away. There were so many animal communicator to choose from when I was reaching out for help, but I am glad that it was you who I have found. You are very talented, truly gifted and most importantly, you are very kind person. Your heart is so beautiful, so I don’t wonder why god chooses you to have this special gift. You gave me strength to live my life with my cat still with me in my heart and show me the way to understand this very sensitive area of beautiful world that I can not see but I can feel in my heart. If I ever have a chance to welcome other pet in my life again, you will be my first and the only person I will look for. God bless you. Thank you so much.”

Julie Ann, Butter/Snape – Minnesota

“Tracy has a natural gift with reading the spirits of animals. She connects with them in her living room as if she were right there, and gently connects with them once crossed over as well. She brings relief and healing immediately, as you can tell her information is authentic, accurate and truly, the real thing.

I have been clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient for over 35 years, and am highly discriminating in trusting people who do channeling work. Tracy did a “cold read’ from a photo for me and was exactly spot on, without ever talking to me. She is compassionate and generous with her time and skill. I highly recommend her for you and your animal friends, without hesitation.”

Cricia- Nashville TN

“I was completely devastated and in so much pain because of the loss of the best pet in the world, a light bulb came on. I remembered that my mom,a long long time ago had mention a story about a pet medium. So, I began the search on google and I just decided to go with the second option hoping it was the right one, and it was.

I found Tracy in the worst time of my life. I am so glad and blessed for finding such a HUGE hearted, kind, caring, and loving woman. She projects you peace right the moment you start talking to her. When I had my reading with her, I was BLOWN AWAY, because I knew that I was truly connecting with my baby boy Duke. Telling me things that only Duke me and my family knew was an experience out of this world. I fell that I’ve come so far since his lost and it has only been a few weeks. Even though,  I am still sad, and I still cry, it is a process that I have to go through but I feel at peace knowing that he is in a better place still guiding us from above. Thank you Tracy so very much for everything God bless you”

Tina W.-Bailey  Chicago, IL

“Tracy did an amazing job with our kitty Bailey. He’s been having a hard time after the loss of his older brother Murphy and we were going on vacation and wanted some peace of mind that Bailey would be okay while we were gone. She worked on healing his grief and calming his stress. I appreciate all she did for him. Highly recommend her to anyone!”

Giny- Finn & Tyson, Minnesota

Tracy has a remarkable gift! She is patient and thoughtful in her communication, and she has answered so many questions for me. I highly recommend her if there’s a special animal that you want to communicate with. She’s sweet and genuine and very easy to talk to. Her readings are very specific, and she has followed up with additional info for me regarding my beloved dog that passed. She has been a blessing to me during a difficult time.

Tina, Steve & Leo – Denver, CO

“Tracy was recommended to us by one of my most trusted friends. We have an 18 month old mixed breed puppy who seems hell bent on destroying our belongings. We were worried not only about our things, but also about his health. He also seems to have a bit of anxiety we were hoping we could get some help with. Tracy gave us an amazing report about their conversation and so much of it rang true for us. It really gave us great insight on what we needed to do for our pup. Tracy also did some healing work with him which has helped immensely, both with his anxiety and his need to eat our things. We really appreciate Tracy’s approach and how much she did to help us! We are very happy with her work and highly recommend her!”

Sarah M. & Aniston – New Jersey

“I had recently had a communication session with Tracy and bottom line it was more than I have ever expected!

Tracy took the time to truly get to know my kitty, Aniston, that I was having a behavioral problem with, and help heal her and teach me on what I needed to do to help her. Tracy was able to allow me to get the most out of my session and provide me with sample questions that I might want to ask Aniston as well.

The session itself was spot on about my kitty and our relationship together. Tracy was able to answer all of my questions and added any additional information that Aniston wanted me to know. Tracy was also able to touch on characteristics that I was unaware about myself, which I wasn’t expecting! The session I think left both me and Aniston feeling a bit lighter, more accomplished, and closer emotionally. Tracy also provided me with a written transcript of the communication session!

I would most definitely recommend Tracy for a communication and/or healing session for anyone who is seeking to know what their pet is thinking and feeling. In the near future I plan on booking another communication session for my other kitty. Thank you Tracy!”

Kelly & Boss  – British Colombia

“I found Tracy after losing my sweet dog unexpectedly do to a sudden illness. Her reading was amazing and I am still wowed about the very specific health issues she was able to pinpoint, as well as specific quirks in my little dog’s personality. Tracy is kind, warm and gifted at what she does and I am so very thankful to her for all of her insights. She relayed my dog’s thoughts and emotions to me, providing clarity, comfort and understanding in a difficult situation.

Thank you so much Tracy – I highly recommend your service!”

Nicole – San Fransisco, CA

“Tracy brought me comfort in one of the hardest losses of my life. She connected me to cat that has crossed and gave me very accurate information about her. I highly reccamend this to anyone trying to connect to their loved ones who have crossed over.”

Tracey & Merry – Rhode Island

“Tracy gave me a wonderful reading for my cat Merry. She accurately picked up her personality, health, and her relationship with me. I also noticed an issue I was having with my cat staying close when outside has resolved. I highly recommend Tracy.”

Carrie &  Buddy- Colombus, OH

“I had a wonderful reading of my cat buddy done . Tracy was so spot on with how she described his personality and gave me numerous ideas as to how to stop his spraying around the house . She informed me

He wasn’t a fan of a certain cat and I knew who right away so now I’m working with those two more. I I myself was given the encouragement to communicate with him just as Tracy was doing so I have been working on that myself so far so good! Tracy’s is a wonderful person and very gifted and talented she is tremendously help me with buddy and I would suggest her services to anyone.”

Lori – Edmonton, Alberta

“After the sad passing of my beautiful little Missy I reached out to Tracy in hopes she could connect to her. She gave me information about her health issues and reassured me that she was at peace and would have suffered greatly if she had gone on. She described Missy in a way that no one would have known and especially when she had never met Missy. Missy was indeed a special little soul. She stressed how worried Missy was about me and did not want me to be alone. This is important because I am alone and Missy knew this and knew how much I needed and wanted her in my life. It was always just Missy and I. Not only did Tracy help ease the pain of loss, she offered to continue to help in any way she could. It was not about money for her and she truly does care. I recommend anyone who is going through this loss to reach out to Tracy. She can confirm that there is a spirit world and well, we are really not all that alone after all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Deborah DeJarnett – Kentucky – 5 Star

“Tracy is wonderful and very talented. She truly has a gift! Her readings with my animals were amazing. I believe she was spot on 100%.

I will recommend her to everyone who has questions they need answered. She is a lovely human being. Thank you Tracy!”

Sarah-Sassy – Indiana

“Tracy is extremely talented and sweet. We got so much information that will be helpful in caring for our sweet rescue dog. I highly recommend having a session.

I am grateful for her compassionate healing and ability.”

Laura Miller- Baxter   San Francisco, CA

“Tracy is the real deal.  She connected me to my sweet dog who has crossed the rainbow bridge.  Through our conversation I felt as though I was speaking directly to him.  I did not want our session to ever end.

I will definitely be along time client and fan.  Thank you so much Tracy.  speaking directly to my boy means everything.”

Frankie/Vanessa – Texas

“Tracy, what an amazing read you did on Frankie. He loves chewing on shoes lately, so yes, this is super helpful as we are working on it. I am so glad to hear about him asking to run more. We are tying to find a balance, so that is very helpful to know. Yes, he does love both of my roommates, but I am going to secretly pretend that I am his favorite! You are also spot on with the food thing. He loves to lay in the kitchen and watch me cook.

Also, I am glad to know where his anxiety is from, now I can help. him with it. This reading was just super cool and super helpful. Thank you for speaking with our Frankie!”

Linda R. & Victor

My husband and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation and thank you for your time, patience, understanding, and ability to communicate with our yellow lab Victor. We are fortunate that God has blessed you with the gift of animal communication and that you have chosen to share and use your gift to give peace and understanding to us.”

Vanessa, Tia, Charlie, & Jasmine

“First off this was an awesome reading; aren’t we blessed to have received this! We are staying in a hotel now for 5 weeks and our dogs are at my mother in laws with her big dog!! We have one more week and we will be in! It has definitely been hard on them!! I try to get there as often as possible, and they sit by the door and stare while we leave:(( It was only suppose to be a few days. So, this has been a journey for our whole family.

Tia’s was very accurate! She is lumpy all over, and yes I think they are ok. She has been going blind for quite some time now and had a seizure in the summer. Wasn’t sure she would make the new home transition…..I do however have a question. you refer to her owner as “she”. The part of her working on herself….that completely describes me. My husband said, ‘but I am her master”, my daughter Ava said, “no I am” but I was told once that I am her true master. So, not sure who is the “she”
I have told Tia that when she is ready, its “okay”. I know she is tired, and has done her job raising my 2 girls. I basically gave her permission when she is ready.

Same with Charlie. Excellent reading! He had eye surgery 2 years ago, and in some way became a puppy again. I originally bought him as my puppy, but my daughter Evelyn was a tough toddler, and she assumed Charlie as her own. So, not sure if she is the owner. Thx for the heads up on his kidneys. He had crystals in his urine at one time, and had to be on special food. Has allergies. I will call tomorrow to make him an appointment.

Jasmine was right on!! She is definitely the puppy and wants to play all the time!! She will literally pick up the toy and toss with her teeth in the air, and go fetch it herself!!

I know this transition has been hard on my family but for me, I have been away from my healing work which my soul wants to get back to, and I need to be close to my dogs. They sleep on my side of the bed on my feet, beside me:)))) This reading meant the world to me.”

Cheri & Judy

“Tracy truly has a gift in her ability to communicate with animals. Our little Judy was a rescue, and we could only guess bits of her past from her behavior. Not only was Tracy able to share some insight into or kitty’s past, but also communicate to Judy that she is with us to stay and that she is loved. In just a weeks time, Judy’s anxiety level has dropped significantly and her confidence has grown tremendously. Our kitty looks brighter, as if a weight has been taken off of her shoulders. I highly recommend Tracy, she has made a world of difference in our lives!”


I am blown away! I was concerned about his health. He is a nervous & insecure little guy for sure. I love him so much!!

You are amazing! 1. I have started watching my grandson lately & Rocky routine has changed. For a few reasons and my husband may be the one on this anxiety and depression. He is worrying I’m about me. 2. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in November & had surgery on the 14th of December. Being the one to be strong for everyone else, it was not different now. So I have been Stretched thinly for sure. Feel bad poor Rocky, I had a feeling/knew he understands more than people know!

It’s funny…I got your message after being able for the first time in awhile to take Rocky for a walk..alone. I was walking my daughters dog. Who has also changed Rocky’s routine. Lately he’s not really enjoying his food & treats. I will make sure we get our quality time together.
Thank you so much, I had forgotten about this!!

Many Blessings to you both!”


I wanted to thank you for doing Bella’s reading. It was amazing and brought me to tears. She has been through so much with me.

Again thank you so much.”

J’Nene and the animals


I just want to thank you for everything you did for Charlie, my dog and my 3 cats. I can not believe how Toes and Mz. kool have changed! For the better, thanks to you for your help. Zoie is doing ok also.

I thank you everyday the changes you have helped make in our home especially with mz kool and Toes. Thanks for making me aware of what they wanted and needed. Now, if you could only work on my husband!! Ha, I am sure animals are easier. He’s a hand full to say the least. Have a great weekend. I just wanted to tell you thanks again and keep up the good work!”

Erin & Emma

“Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for connecting with Emma. You are very talented and you were right on target with her!!

First of all, I am happy to hear that Emma is doing ok, as you found out she is very heart centered and very empathic. She is so sensitive and I know how connected she is to me.Sometimes I worry that she takes on too much from me when I am going through a rough patch. She has had some issues with keeping weight on and I suspected it was due to emotional upset. I had to move a few of my horses to a friend’s farm for this winter ,and I miss having them at home. I know Emma had a bit of trouble adjusting to this as well. Also her front right hoof has created some issues of and on, she was lame last year but has seemed better.When I had Bowen done on her last, the practitioner said her TMJ was bothering her and she recommended having the Equine dentist look at her. So amazing that you picked up on all this.

Emma and I do work with people and kids. I have a business that is called EquuSpirit Partnership, I co-facilitate with the horses to provide coaching and healing for individuals and groups. Emma has been doing the healing work with me for over three years now. She has come such a long way, she is definitely a very old soul and has a big personality!!! I am so grateful to hear that she enjoys the work, as sometimes she can act a bit put off by people but she does have a big beautiful heart and me and my family love her dearly!!!

I am out of town at the moment but when I get back and the weather is a bit better, it would be my pleasure to have you come out and meet Emma in person.

Thanks again!”

Ian Denver, Colorado

“Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for an incredible reading. All of this was so very accurate and helpful! The teething and not being aware of cause and reaction was on point!, Thank you very much for your expertise in connecting with Josie and discussing with us ways to implement change. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Z.- Michigan

“I set out to work with Tracy in hopes that she would help us better understand our dog Charlie’s habits and implement healing as needed.  Little did I know working with our beloved pet would open the door to working with my family.  We are all connected after all, and it wasn’t only Charlie that benefited from her healing sessions.  Our household feels lighter and less stressed, as we each have clearer access to our coping/processing skills — thanks to Tracy.”

Kaitlin and Peanut


I would just like to thank you for the outstanding spot-on read you did on my teacup chihuahua, Peanut. You are extremely gifted and such a blessing! For the past 2 months, Peanut has been on stage playing ‘Bruiser’ in a musical production of ‘Legally Blonde.” He’s gotten so good at performing his “job,” and really DOES have a fondness for the main character he works with. As far as the music being loud for him, you couldn’t be more spot on!! Every night towards the end of the show, he would bury his head in between my arm and my side, far enough to cover his ears, all on his own! Also, you mentioned being truly attached to his person (me!) – he very much is… always wants to be on or near me. I just love that little guy. Thank you so much for such a great reading.


Kaitlin & Peanut ”

Darlene/ Regan- Michigan

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for the reading with our little Regan. You are spot on that he likes to cuddle and loves his treats! He is itching really bad, still today. In the past he has been on steroids or Prednisone, it takes edge off but doesn’t really clear it. I’m sure hes probably mentioning his dislike his having to wear a cone! Ugh for itching. I also have some practice in animal communication. I can do others animals, but sometimes think I don’t read my own very well…probably a misnomer on my part.

I know what a very old soul he is and a definite treat and sweet pet and furry kid to our family! Hes everything i could want in a dog! I have noticed in past that he doesn’t deal with emotions well, if i cry he looks at me and scurries away…like he gets worried…and doesn’t care for the emotional stuff. When he was younger it was opposite of that, if i cried he was right next to me…wanting to help! I pray for him, ask Jesus and all the magical nurse and Dr. Angels to help him. I do Reiki him, some days he will sit there quietly, other days hes like stop!

I appreciate your help with him, trying not to worry about my little guy, i just want him well…I have tried talking to him, letting him know he doesn’t have to take on any of our energies, I just think since he is an old soul that maybe he is?? Cause he wants to help? If you can shed any light, I would appreciate your input! Thank you again!

Kristen & Romeo – Texas

I did my reading today and Tracy this the nicest compassionate woman I’ve  spoken to.   Not only did she read my Romeo but she was a great listener and was NOT in a hurry to get off the phone with me. YES SHE SPOKE TO ME PETSONALLY as well as emailed the reading to me. She took her time. It was wonderful to talk.  She cares about your loved and departed… And she truly understands the grief you may be going through. I’m so happy to have come across this woman.  May her soul and gifts be blessed.

Ashley/Tammy-Chulah – Maryland

We can’t thank you enough, Tracy!! You’ve have helped us so much! We told her that we got her new food and hopefully it will help her, and she immediately came out to eat it. We couldn’t believe it! I’ve also ordered the crystals you suggested for Chulah. You are a beautiful person and we really can’t thank you enough!


“I spoke and had a reading with her! Absolutely love this woman. Since I’m in Wisconsin, we emailed as well as spent a lengthy time on the phone. It was just what I needed. Validated things for my 12 year old furbaby boy that passed away a few months ago. As well as for my 12 year old female still at home with me. It was relaxing and peaceful…reassuring for me. I felt like I could talk to her forever, all day and all night. Kinda like I had known her for most of my life or something.”