“I thank you everyday for the changes you have helped make in our home. Thanks for making me aware of what they wanted and needed.” ~ Client Testimonial

talk to your dog

Do You Talk To Your Dog?

I do. And guess what? They have a lot to tell me.

I am an Animal Communicator or Pet Psychic and I communicate with your pets to help both animals and their people.

 Would you like to know what your dog is thinking?

If you could ask your dog any question what would it be?

Hear the responses, see life from their perspective, and get answers to questions that affect health, quality of life, behavioral issues and bond on a deeper level with Animal Communication.

They are talking. Are you listening?

Psychic Medium and Professional Animal Communicator, Tracy Bakewell, helps pet parents and animal guardians communicate with their animals both living and crossed over.

What Is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the act of speaking with your animal using telepathy. What an animal communicator does is simple, we utilize our ability of telepathy to communicate directly with your animal. Animals are naturals at communicating telepathically and are usually thrilled, excited, intrigued, and often times relieved to talk and work with us.

“All of this was so incredibly accurate and helpful! The teething and not being aware of cause and reaction was on point! Thank you very much for your expertise in connecting with Josie and discussing with us ways to implement change.” ~ Ian – Denver, CO

Benefits Of Utilizing An Animal Communicator & Healer

  • Deepens your understanding, intimacy, and bond with your animals
  • Helps them heal from and release any past traumas
  • Preparing an animal companion for a medical procedure
  • Understanding your animal’s needs and feelings
  • Addressing and discussing behavioral problems
  • Gaining insight into medical issues
  • To ask whether the medication the vet has prescribed is helping them. Do they feel better?
  • Preparing your animal companion for upcoming household changes, ie, a move, a new baby, you going on vacation, etc.
  • Supporting and understanding your animals needs through death
  • Connecting with any deceased animal companions
  • Grief support for animals that are missing their loved one

“During an Animal Communication Session I connect heart to heart and soul to soul with your animal. Empathetically I feel in my body what they feel. I am able to work with them energetically and do remote healing work with them.

It has been my experience that my work has a calming effect on animals. I can express to them your concerns, thoughts, wishes, and link up with them telepathically to explore these issues with them. This two way communication session alone can be enough to result in positive changes. It is my joy to connect with your animals and affect positive changes in their lives and yours.” ~ Tracy Bakewell

Animal Communication Readings, Healing & Specials

“Tracy was honestly a joy to work with. She connected with my dog Ivy and was able to answer all questions I had asked as well as express her personality perfectly! My dog Ivy is a rescue and had been abused by previous owners; due to this she was extremely afraid of feet and would not even let anyone’s feet near her! Tracy was able to communicate to her that we would never hurt her especially with our feet and she has gotten so much better ever since! We can actually lay on the couch with her on it now yay!! I am so grateful for her time and energy that she puts into her work and would definitely recommend her services!” ~ Olivia, Client Testimonial

“I set out to work with Tracy in hopes that she would help us better understand our dog Charlie’s habits and implement healing as needed.  Little did I know working with our beloved pet would open the door to working with my family.  We are all connected after all, and it wasn’t only Charlie that benefited from her healing sessions.  Our household feels lighter and less stressed, as we each have clearer access to our coping/processing skills — thanks to Tracy.” ~ Client Testimonial

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