Animal Communication

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What Is Animal Communication & How Does It Work?

Animal communication is the act of speaking with your animal using telepathy. What an animal communicator does, is simple. We utilize our ability of telepathy to communicate directly, heart to heart with your animal. The following are different ways that I personally receive information.

Sometimes I see pictures in my mind sent directly from the animal, these pictures are very clear, detailed usually, and I usually receive them in flashes.
On other occasions I hear things that are clearly not my own, and although at times this feels like I am hearing my own thought, it is not mine at all, it is the animal communicating with me.

In addition to thought, at times I have received information via smell and taste, feelings, and knowings.

Each animal, person, and experience is unique and beautiful.

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Body, Mind, and Soul Distance Healing

Distance Healing – Animal Communication

Energy healing, or distance healing has been practiced for thousands of years, and in many societies. I have learned, worked with, and studied several different healing modalities and I am a Reiki Master who works with both people and animals. I work intuitively which just means that I am able to intuit which type of healing might be most effective for you, your family, or your animals.

Much of my life has been dedicated to communicating with animals. This work has enriched my life beyond belief. The following are just a few of the things I’ve learned about communicating and healing animals.

  • Animals are able to communicate with humans who are open and able to utilize telepathy. This is how they communicate with each other.
  • Learning to speak with them through telepathy is a process. The whole entire journey is very eye-opening, and reconfirmed the fact that yes, we are all connected in much larger way than I had ever been able to realize.
  • Animals, get your intentions, emotions, images, or thoughts behind the words, even if the words themselves aren’t always totally understood.

Why It Is Valuable

Animal communication is very valuable in many different situations. Most importantly, I believe it specifically increases and enhances shared and mutual understanding and knowledge between animals and their guardians. As I believe that we are all inter-connected, understanding, showing kindness and love, along with showing your animal that you are willing to listen and work with them is a very big step in the right direction of opening up a space to have a dialogue. This includes understanding just how inter-connected all sentient beings are. We just are.

I have put together a list of a few things that you may wish to discuss with your animal during our session. However, it is ultimately entirely up to you.

animal communication guinea pig

The following are just a few of the things I have worked with during an animal communication session:

  • Speak with your animal companions that have crossed over and are now in spirit.
  • Address current health issues including any imbalance in physical, mental or emotional issues.
  • Assist you with understanding behavioral issues. Working to identify the underlying cause, as well as working with you to resolve the issue.
  • As they come to the end of their lives, discuss with them how would they like to cross over. (at home, etc.)
  • Letting your pet know that when you are leaving , you will in fact be home, and when.
  • Preparing and explaining to your animal companion about medical procedures, and vet visits.
  • Explaining to you how your animal sees his life.
  • Working with them revolving around their past histories and traumas
  • Discussing their life purpose.
  • Having them explain how they view you.
  • To let them know that they are loved and precious.

**please remember, I will only be speaking to them on your behalf. So often times one question can open a floodgate of incredibly important other questions.

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