Welcome Parents of Animals

Welcome to Animal Heart Speak, my name is Tracy Bakewell, I am an animal communicator, usui reiki master, grief coach, and teacher. I work with animals and their human parents. It is my goal to have humans and animals understand each other in order to enrich their lives and yours.

Animals have an amazing ability to process complex situations, they take on our stress and sometimes they take on our illnesses. They understand our stress, emotional and physical illness, along with our insecurities and fears. They can give us wise insight into our lives. If we learn to communicate with them more clearly, their confusion and behavior problems begin to drift away and we in return become more peaceful people. It is my joy to connect with your animals and affect positive changes in their lives and yours.



 Client Love

I reached out to Tracy during one of the hardest times of my life, when my dog Diesel was sick with liver cancer. My dog was my child and loosing him was gut wrenching. She worked with my husband and I throughout the last months of his life. She helped us understand the process of loosing an animal, which was gut wrenching. She is amazing with her ability to connect with animals, and she is a great healer. We love her and will be working with her in the future!

Ashley & Diesel

Thank you Tracy for understanding my uncontrollable fear, sadness, wonder and pain after my cat passed away. There were so many animal communicator to choose from when I was reaching out for help, but I am glad that it was you who I have found. You are very talented, truly gifted and most importantly, you are very kind person. Your heart is so beautiful, so I don’t wonder why god chooses you to have this special gift. You gave me strength to live my life with my cat still with me in my heart and show me the way to understand this very sensitive area of beautiful world that I can not see but I can feel in my heart. If I ever have a chance to welcome other pet in my life again, you will be my first and the only person I will look for. God bless you. Thank you so much.

Maya, Seattle

“Not only did you help my cats and dog, but you really helped me understand them and what they were feeling. It’s like I have 2 different cats in my home (mz. Kool and toes) thanks to you.”


“Tracy has a natural gift with reading the spirits of animals. She connects with them in her living room as if she were right there, and gently connects with them once crossed over as well. She brings relief and healing immediately, as you can tell her information is authentic, accurate and truly, the real thing.”

Julie Ann

“Tracy truly has a gift in her ability to communicate with animals. Our little Judy was a rescue, and we could only guess bits of her past from her behavior. Not only was Tracy able to share some insight into or kitty’s past, but also communicate to Judy that she is with us to stay and that she is loved.”


Benefits Of Utilizing An Animal Communicator & Healer

  • Deepens your understanding, intimacy, and bond with your animals
  • Helps them heal from and release any past traumas
  • Preparing an animal companion for a medical procedure
  • Understanding your animal’s needs and feelings
  • Addressing and discussing behavioral problems
  • Gaining insight into medical issues
  • To ask whether the medication the vet has prescribed is helping them. Do they feel better?
  • Preparing your animal companion for upcoming household changes, ie, a move, a new baby, you going on vacation, etc.
  • Supporting and understanding your animals needs through death
  • Connecting with any deceased animal companions
  • Grief support for animals that are missing their loved one
animal communication dog

With love and gratitude to our Dixie

Recently we said goodbye to our beautiful little Maine Coon, Dixie. She came strolling into our lives in November of 2005, a rescue kitty from Hurricane Katrina. We knew she had been through an incredible amount of trauma.

For almost 12 years she was a great addition to our family. She had a healing, calming presence that I have never felt before. People would actually ask me if they could have her! It was her soul and how she made you feel, pure love, no judgement.

I believe our animals teach us a lot about ourselves. We miss her physicality, but we have no doubt she is still with us. We all love you Dixie.

– Your Family